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Rayence DR 

DR solution for Medical, Chiropractic, and Veterinary. 

As a market leader in digital imaging technologies, Rayence has continually reinvented the development and manufacturing process digital flat panel detectors. This commitment to improving the way healthcare is delivered has made Rayence one of the premier providers of medical imaging technologies in the world.

Rayence DR Panel


Whether it's a community hospital or university institution setting, we provide a range of diagnostic imaging solutions that can be customized to any facility’s needs and budget. Upgrading from slower CR systems to our cutting-edge Xmaru series of flat panel detector solutions increases patient throughput and workflow efficiency at a low cost of ownership.

Our digital acquisition and display solution is FDA cleared, DICOM and HIPAA compliant, and offers a robust, fully integrated, Windows-based user interface that includes:

• Anatomically Programmed Radiography (APR)
• Exam specific algorithms
• QA and post processing of acquired images
• Advanced image processing with image stitching
• Network connectivity (PACS, RIS, HIS, Web) with DICOM Store, DICOM Print, DICOM Modality Worklist, DICOM Compression, CD & DVD Burning with DICOM Viewer, Email & Paper Print and Mirror Image Backup

Private practice digital x-ray equipment


The demand for fast and efficient imaging at private practices is growing daily. With our Xmaru series of flat panel detectors, private practices no longer have to worry about their imaging workflow getting bottlenecked. Implementing our digital imaging solution increases workflow efficiency and patient throughput when compared to conventional film/screen or CR imaging systems. 

Our flat panel detectors are cassette sized, allowing them to fit into existing table and wall stand bucky trays without modification or the need to purchase new x-ray equipment. With acquisition times as little as 3 seconds and a three year warranty, the Xmaru series of detectors delivers cost effective quality not found with any other CR or DR manufacturers.


Purebred for Excellence

Our innovative, environmentally safe and user-friendly digital solutions allow veterinary clinics and hospitals to easily upgrade from x-ray film or CR.  We offer veterinary specific software designed using input from industry leading veterinarians. With a full line of imaging solutions that include our industry leading HDi intra-oral series sensors and veterinary specific features and measurement software tools, your transition to a Rayence digital solution will achieve versatility, quality and workflow efficiency.

The following products are available:

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