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   Digital CR Scanner

True Flat Scan Path
iCRco Compurterized Radiology Scanner
iCRco Image Capture Review
Medical Computerized Radiology
CR Scanner Specifications
Affordable Tabletop Scanner | Upgradable CR | Scalable Solution

Chrome the elemental CR, a lightweight compact tabletop scanner designed specifically for small practice. This affordable solution produces amazing image quality and is backed by powerful optics, sensors and a solid-state mechanical drive system.

Physicians can achieve amazing workflow at a much lower cost with its integrated pairing with the robust and feature-rich image processing XC Software. XC provides superior quality images every time with an option to further manipulate the images.

Chrome is paired with XC, iCRco's superior image acquisition software. Custom settings can me defined based on user preference, allowing you to apply advanced image processing algorithms to look for even the smallest details. 

Add our complete workflow solution and you have the whole package:

Image Acquisition, RIS-PACS, a Desktop Viewer, a Mobile Viewer for the iPad or iPhone, an incomparable Image Wizard, and a comprehensive Qc tool.

iCRco Chrome Specifications
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