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Veterinary X-Ray Upgrade: Special offers & 179 tax savings

Take advantage of our "End of Year" savings on the Rayence MyVet x500! This compact and powerful machine is the perfect solution for any Veterinarian, even if your space is limited!

  • Save space with MyVet table X500's small footprint.

  • 4-way floating table makes it easier to position patients and keep them calm.

  • Train your team easily with the intuitive touch-screen control panel.

  • The large format flat-panel detector helps image large areas with fewer exposures and provides superb image quality.


Click here to calculate how quickly you could pay off your equipment purchase with our Return-On-Investment Calculator. This also features information on how to take advantage of section 179 tax incentives. Don't wait! Equipment must be purchased before December 31st, 2020 in order to claim on this year's taxes!

Download • 3.44MB


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