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Thinking About Going Digital?

Whether you are a recent graduate or have been practicing for 30 years, you need digital x-ray. No more hassling with film and chemicals or waiting for images to process. You can make your life easier and see more patients in a day with an upgraded system. The upgrade process is simple: insert a DR panel into your table or wall stand and voila!, you have now gone digital!

Let's talk about all of those images you will be taking (or already have) and where they go. Without a digital upgrade, you are stuck saving images and hoping they will be accessible if the time ever comes where you need them. When you upgrade your system with a DR panel, your images are saved into cloud storage with multiple sites across the country. If one location goes down for any reason, you won't be impacted. If your office floods and your computer is ruined, you won't be impacted. If you spill your morning cup of joe into your motherboard and lose all of your files, YOU WON'T BE IMPACTED.

Your time is valuable, so don't waste is hassling with an old system. Do yourself AND your patients a favor and join the digital world!


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